Hug More Interview Series – Shareef Ali

He used to run for Bahrain National Athletic Team. When he is not at his day job he plays several instruments and is a self made photographer and an entrepreneur. Also, when in the mood a magician as well. He adores Belgrade, burek and hates to sweat even though he lives in the desert : ) Wide smile is his trademark. He is a Founder and Chief Photographer at HD Productions. Above all he is a true hugger and a true friend and his name is Shareef.  


Why do you like hugs?

Hugs have this power to say that ‘You’re not alone’ and I feel closer to the person that I am hugging, it brings in happiness. That little moment of Hug makes me forget about everything and enjoying that moment with happiness. It’s a stress relief. 

With whom do you hug the most?

I hug the most with someone who I really care about and knows me very well, mainly my close friends and family.

Is there a particular hug that you would point out as your favourite?

My favourite hug would be when I am out of words to explain anything and just need a Hug.

Is there someone you owe a Hug?

I owe a hug to my best friend's/business partners of Relax&Co. they’re husband and wife and I haven’t seen them for a really long time. ☺

If you could pick anyone, whom would you hug?

If I could, I would like to give a hug to my little bird who left me last year. It was for sure the smartest and most touching pet I ever had in my life, regardless of the cats and dogs I had. And it used to fly to my shoulders and try to cuddle on my neck when I came back home after work. His name was Bulbul, named him after his breed it is also the National bird of my country, Bahrain. ☺ 

And lastly, give us one damn good reason why we should all Hug More?

No one will never know which hug would be the last hug with anyone, so just #HugMore always.