Hug More Project
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Hug More

Inspired by two things that are changing this world day by day – hugs and creativity. Designed to inspire giving and cut distance between people.


It's a Gift Pack!
You Can't buy just one.

Hugs are awesome gifts. You give one and get one back, straight away. They inspire sharing. So, that's exactly why we made this a gift pack. With one extra, already packed, waiting to be gifted.

The good
news is...

You decide to whom.
Share it with someone you truly care about and don't be surprised if you get a hug or two in return!


Five colours
to choose from!

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Hugs can be inspiring!

True story. We got madly inspired by them, so we wanted to inspire others as well. These sketchbooks are designed to be kind of a playground for creative minds. Blank pages and blank covers scream no restraints. It's an irresistible invitation to unleash your wildest creativity!

Share Your
covers with us.

We would be forever grateful and thrilled to see what you did with yours, and even more happy to share it with everyone else on our blog.

Every spread
is a hug!

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Create freely
and fearlessly!

Starting with the very first one, every single spread in this sketchbook is just like a hug! It will wholeheartedly embrace all your thoughts and all your ideas. The good ones and the bad ones.

The gift is to the giver, and comes back most to him. It cannot fail.
— Walt Whitman